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The 10 Best Dual Shower Head (2022): Reviews and Buyers Guide

We all look forward to a washroom that’s not just squeaky clean with basic amenities but is also embedded with right bathroom fixtures. Today, a shower is not just a function. It’s a luxury. Most people look forward to a washroom, which is embedded with beautiful faucets and showerheads. Did you know, the first mechanical shower, operated by a hand pump, was patented in England in 1767? Yes, showers are that old. However, today, you need not worry about your showering needs. The marketplace is filled with smart and tech functional showerheads, which are readily available in the market. Various manufactures make the best dual shower heads that are embedded with technology and provide the maximum function for everyday use.

There are mainly two types of dual showerheads. Fixed dual head and Dual with handheld showerhead. Fixed dual heads provide a hand free experience as they are fixed in one place. It is a comfortable bathing option for those who like to conserve water. At the same time, Dual with handheld comes with a handpiece that allows for better movement and good washing experience.

If you have been contemplating over choosing a fixture that fits well into your current bathroom design, then we suggest you opt for a dual shower head that comes with a handpiece. We have listed and reviewed the best dual shower head currently trending.

Our Top10 Best Dual Shower Head Reviews

Showering just got easier. If you have been looking for a bathing experience filled with luxury, you can opt for this product by HotelSpa. This product is a good option for those looking for an instant mount shower heads that do not require drilling. 

It comes with 30 combinations of spray settings, which is an added advantage. Each spray setting offers something unique. Its rain and gentle mist settings are ideal for extreme relaxation, whereas high-pressure spray is better for sore muscle relief. It grantees a limited lifetime warranty, provided by Interlink Products International Inc.

 An excellent reason to consider it as the best dual shower head with a handheld piece is that you can use two showers heads separately or showerhead and handheld shower both together. We would like to call it an affordable piece with a good number of features. 

We have also made a list of its essential features and listed its pros and cons to help you make an informed decision while choosing the best one. However, we would like to rate it as the best dual rainfall showerhead.

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Important features:

  • Comes with a 22-inch stainless steel slide bar
  • Has six full setting shower head and hand shower
  • With spray pattern which includes – Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Hydrating Mist, Rain/Massage, Rain/Mist, and Water-saving Economy Rain
  • It has a high-power precision SpiralFlo dial design.
  • It comes with a three-zone click lever dial with rub-clean jets.

  • Relatively easy to install due to its instant mount and drill-free feature.

  • It is a great deal that gives 30 combinations of spray settings.
  • Both showerheads can be used simultaneously.


  • The water pressure might be a little weak while running both water heads.


Most of us are always worried about calcium and mineral deposits clogging up the showerhead. Clogging caused by mold, bacteria, and mildew makes the bathing experience unpleasant, but you don’t have to worry about it anymore. This classic piece by Aqua Dance comes with nozzles made with revolutionary micro ban technology, which is antimicrobial.

 It also comes with a flexible rubber design that allows easy rub-clean removal of calcium and mineral deposits. This, in turn, will help the shower head remain clean and clog-free for better performance. Take a look at its essential features and decide for yourself if you want to call it the best dual shower head. 

However, we are considering this one as the best dual shower head rain and standard handheld system.

Important Features:

  • Both showerheads feature six luxurious settings – power rain, pulsating massage, gentle mist, rain/massage, rain/mist and water-saving on/off pause
  • Its patented three-way water diverter lets you enjoy two 6-setting luxury showers separately or together for a choice of 30 different water flow patterns
  • Rainfall showerhead features extra-large 7-inch face whereas hand shower features large 4″ face
  • Has a hand shower with ergonomic comfort-grip handle can be used hands-free with an overhead bracket of as handheld for added reach and mobility
  • Both showers are angle-adjustable
  • It comes with a premium all-chrome finish
  • Complete set includes patented three-way water diverter with built-in bracket, extra-flexible 60″ stainless steel hose and plumber’s tape

  • Comes with easy sidebar installation that does not require any drilling
  • You can adjust the height for the handheld adjustment


  • A chance of potential leakage at the mounting point


One important thing to keep in mind while buying a shower head is to consider your current shower needs before purchasing. A versatile piece such as this one is best suited for those who like an upgraded shower system. 

This dual shower head is a product of Ana bath, which is a USA company. These guys will assist you by phone or email via their customer call center if you need any assistance. If you get stuck with a mineral deposit, you can easily remove it by pushing nozzles with water. 

We are rating it as the best dual showerhead. Want to know why? Read on to find out its features.

Important Features:

  • It comes with anti-clog nozzles that are easy to clean and is mineral deposit resistant.
  • It is a modern design with a large and high-pressure spray. Ergonomic grip handles that are 5 inches wide.
  • It has a large and full diverter with a brass connector and an angle-adjustable overhead bracket.
  • A metal connector to provide secure connection and durability
  • 25 full and combined water flow patterns that include – Rain Spray / Massage Spray / Massage and Rain Mix / Bubbling Spray /Bubbling and Rain Combo
  • 60-inch flexible stainless steel shower hose with two brass nuts
  • Comes with a brushed nickel finish
  • Easy installation which does not require a plumber
  • Comes with a sealant tape

  • A good 25 full and combined water flow pattern
  • Easy installation that even has a sealant tape
  • Nickel finish for good looks

  • Surprisingly none

This is a product of HotelSpa that comes with a three-way rainfall showerhead and a handheld shower. The users say that it is a comfortable piece to use, so you will not want to come out of the shower. 

This dual showerhead features high-pressure spray to provide drenching rainfall spa experience. You can either use two showerheads separately or use a rainfall showerhead and handheld shower both together for a choice of 30 full and combined water flow patterns. Amazing, isn’t it? 

Now, who wouldn’t want an experience like that? We will call this one the best dual showerhead and also the best dual rainfall showerhead for its below-listed features.

Important Features:

  • It allows you to choose from 30 full and combined water flow patterns
  • 6-setting with 6-inch Rainfall Shower Head
  • 6-setting with a 4 inch Hand Shower
  • Settings of each shower include – Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Hydrating Mist, Rain/Massage, Rain/Mist, and Water-saving Economy Rain
  • High-power Precision SpiralFlo dial design
  • 3-zone click lever dial with rub-clean jets
  • Patented 3-way water diverter with anti-swivel lock nut
  • Angle-adjustable overhead bracket
  • 5 foot super flexible stainless steel hose with conical brass hose nuts for easy hand tightening
  • It has a three-way multi-function rainfall shower head with handheld shower combo
  • An option to use each shower head separately or both together
  • Comes with a chrome finish

  • Tons of water spray setting

  • Easy maintenance


  • Weak water pressure while using both showerheads


We personally like its transitional design. A real space saver that embeds a handheld piece inside the fixed showerhead. Now, how amazing is that. This best dual shower system makes for a different than usual piece due to its Venetian bronze finish. 

Delta made sure to insert a pause feature in case you want to reduce the water flow to a trickle. Usually, the standard rate of water flow is 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM). Anything less than 2.0 gallons per minute is considered to be low flow. This product by Delta has a 2.5 GPM water flow rate. Delta is a well-established and well-known name in the market when it comes to showerheads. 

If you are looking for the best dual showerhead, Delta will be the right choice. Have a look at some of its features.

Important Features:

  • Model In2ition is two in one shower combo with a three-way diverter that embeds a hand shower inside a rain showerhead.
  • You have the freedom to use the showerhead, handheld piece, or both at the same time.
  • Comes with a 2.5 GPM high flow rate with five functions
  • Provides functions – full body, fast massage, full spray with massage, massaging, slow massage
  • A pause feature that reduces water flow to a trickle
  • Soft rubber spray holes that allow for easy cleaning of calcium and lime with the swipe of your finger

  • Unique design

  • Pause mode for water-conserving
  • Sleek design which is a space-saver


  • A little higher on the price tag


You would want to choose a fixture that fits well into your current bathroom design, whether it is modern, vintage, or eclectic. A shower that’s stylish and provides proper functioning. A shower for your every need. 

A stylish shower that keeps everyone in the family happy. So, we found Mariner. This beautiful looking piece is owned by the brand named Zoe. It comes with a separate wall mount stand to hang your handheld shower that is again adjustable. The main showerhead can also be adjusted as per your usage and height. 

Finished with unique oil rubbed bronze, that adds to its good looks. Chic style and trending system that is preferred by many. Listed below are its features that will help you to choose your best dual shower head with handheld.

Important Features:

  • A deluxe 69-inch stainless hose that has no more crimping
  • It comes with both showerheads that have three adjustable sprays.
  • Made with heavy-duty solid brass 24-inch shower bar, that allows handheld showerhead to slide up or down and tilt in any position
  • Diverter Valve that moves water from the showerhead to hand spray
  • All parts finished in beautiful oil rub bronze.

  • Lightweight

  • Showerhead and handheld shower are both adjustable.


  • You cannot run both showerheads together.
  • Showerheads are made up of plastic.


This product is a piece that has hassle-free handling. We have named it Moen the magnetic due to its magnetic feature that allows you to dock the handheld shower over its magnetic strip located right under the fixed showerhead. 

Something different, isn’t it? Its magnetic feature makes the showering experience smooth and straightforward. Moen comes with six showerhead settings, which will give you a home spa experience. This one makes for a versatile design with chrome finish and a mirror-like look that goes well with any decorative style. 

Yes, it is built to last with its limited lifetime warranty. Simple to use and easy to install Moen the Magnetic. Did you know, Moen is another famous name in the showerhead industry? Take a look at its features.

Important Features:


  • It comes with a six-function downpour – rinse, pause, massage, relaxing massage, soothing massage, wide coverage.
  • It also features a 60″ kink-free metal hose that extends reach and flexibility.
  • Has a 6-1/2″ diameter rainshower spray face
  • Provides 2.0 gallons per minute flow rate
  • Has six + rainfall water settings
  • Comes with chrome and brushed nickel material finish
  • Has a 6.75″ and 3.5″ showerhead size

  • Magnetic docking technology

  • Six + rainfall adjustable water spray setting
  • Low flow for water conserve

  • The reduced water pressure might be a little issue.



Peerless comes with a three function diversion technology, which means you can use one shower head at a time or both simultaneously. Controlling the showerhead’s water spray is usually done by turning each one’s On/Off valve as per your liking. With a label of the country of origin as China, and manufactured by Delta faucets, Peerless has a faucet and finish lifetime limited warranty. 

It also features a clean rub nozzle, which you can easily clean by rubbing your thumb to remove any mineral build-up. This Dual Showerhead allows you to change the spray setting by rotating the dial and letting you choose from its several spray options. Another critical point is the handheld showerhead, that has a dock over the fixed shower head. 

This is a real space saver. Come, take a look, at its features and decide for yourself if this is the best handheld dual shower head.

Important Features:

  • It weighs 1.2 pounds
  • Comes with a color and finish of Satin Nickel
  • This showerhead is made up of plastic
  • Relatively easy to install and maintain
  • Has a massaging head with three-way diverter
  • Severs several spray options
  • The water flow rate is 2.5 gallon per minute

  • Rub nozzles for easy clean-up of mineral deposits

  • Several spray setting
  • The complete set is light in weight


  • Plastic Material


Speakman is the best dual shower head for pressure. The manufacturer has embedded the Caspian combination unit that offers eight Speakman patents per engine, which results in powerful sprays under any water pressure.

It comes with a center pulsating massage streams from either the fixed showerhead or the hand shower. Featuring the Caspian bathroom collection’s whimsical design, you can match it up with your other Caspian faucets and fixtures accessories set. 

Though it has a 2.5 gallon per minute, it still gives a high-pressure water spray. One good thing about this product is that it comes with a lifetime warranty which most of the products don’t have. Although, we see a need for drilling, in order to hang the handheld showerhead as the fixed shower head doesn’t have a docking place.

We are rating this as the best dual showerhead. Listed below are its essential features.

Important Features:

  • Caspian collection with Anystream technology that gives infinite spray possibilities
  • Effortless interchangeability between fixtures
  • S-3014-BN showerhead and VS-3014-BN handheld shower
  • Comes with a VS-111 2-way diverter, 5′ hose, VS-126 wall bracket
  • High-pressure spray with pulsating massage streams
  • 360-degree spray adjusting faceplates
  • 5 gallon per minute flow control in each showerhead
  • Easy installation
  • 60-inch metal hose and mounting bracket

  • Provides infinite spray possibilities

  • High-pressure showerheads


  • Handheld showerhead needs drilling for a separate docking


Waterpik is a leading showerhead company. This dual shower head system comes with a handheld wand, which none of those, as mentioned above, showerheads have. Yes, this product is unique. 

It comes with a rain shower head, which is ideal for extreme relaxation, and a handheld wand which is considered better for sore muscles. The handheld wand is convenient for hard to reach body parts and for the elderly who have trouble with their muscles. 

It comes with a three-way diverter bracket that holds the shower wand and lets you choose from the wand spray, rain showerhead spray, or both at the same time. Amazing. Isn’t it? This product has an added advantage of seven spray modes. You can use your experience from a list of Full Body Rain, Bliss Mist, Power Spray, Power Pulse Massage, PowerComb (Shower Wand), SoftComb (Shower Wand), Gentle Rinse (Shower Wand). 

You are wondering if this is the best dual showerhead? Yes, it is. Take a look at some of its best features.

Important Features:

  • This is a high-pressure model that weighs 3.34 pounds.
  • With chrome color and finish, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Has a total of seven spray modes
  • Easy to install and does not require a plumber
  • A three-way diverter to choose the shower wand, rain shower head, or both together
  • With ultra-flexible 8-foot metal hose with the shower wand

  • Handheld Showerhead wand-style
  • High pressure
  • Rainfall experience

  • Surprisingly none


The dual shower head is a system where you have two shower heads in a single unit. For instance, you can have a rain shower head and a handheld showerhead in a unit. Dual shower head allows you to have a relaxing and therapeutic bathing experience with doubled water flow. 

You can control the spray settings on each shower head individually. By controlling the water pressure on the shower heads, you can choose the right pressure for your specific muscles, target them, and ease them.

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Types Of Dual Shower Head

Best Dual Shower Head

There are two types of dual shower heads: fixed showerheads and handheld showerheads.

Fixed shower heads are fixed to the wall or the ceiling, and they cannot be moved. They are incredibly durable and have a large spray area. You cannot adjust the height in fixed showerheads. In some models, there is restricted movement of the shower heads in four directions. You cannot move the showerhead to target specific muscles. Instead, you have to move. There is a lot of hassle involved with dual showerheads. For disabled people or pets, a fixed shower head is not a good option most of the time. Moreover, fixed shower heads are costlier than handheld ones.

However, combined with handheld showerheads, the dual shower head system becomes very attractive. Handheld showerheads are those which you can use for a shower while holding the showerhead in your hand. However, you can also fix it on the wall using a clip and take it off the clip whenever required. 

The handheld showerhead allows you to apply the same water pressure on all your muscles because you can move it to target specific muscles. It allows you to have a proper bath when you are sitting in your bathtub.

 It is easier to bathe kids and pets using a handheld showerhead. They are also cheaper than fixed showerheads. However, handheld showerheads are not as durable as fixed showerheads.

Benefits Of Dual Shower Heads

Spray Setting: Both the shower heads have spray settings, and you can select separate spray settings on each of them. Some showerheads have only two spray settings, but they vary from model to model, and you can choose according to your convenience.

Hose Length: Dual shower heads generally have long hose lengths. However, they differ from model to model. It will help if you choose a hose that is long enough to reach the back of your bathtub.

Shower Head Dimension: In dual shower heads, the shower heads’ size is big enough to cover your body with water.

Flow Rate: Most shower heads range in flow rates from 1.5-2.5 GPM, and dual shower heads generally have a flow rate of 2 GPM, which is good because the higher the flow rate, the higher the water pressure.

Anti-clog Nozzle: Dual shower heads come with anti-clog nozzles that allow the free flow of water through the showerheads.

 Installation Warranty: Some models of dual shower heads come with installation warranty, either for a lifetime or limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a dual shower head?

As per the name, it is a showerhead that comes with two showerheads in one unit. The layout allows water to pour from two heads rather than one. You can position the showerheads as per your requirements and enjoy a more luxurious shower. 

2. Do dual showheads use more water?

Yes, dual showerheads use more water than single showerheads. There are some options which provide you with a water-saving facility. So, using the one with a water-saving facility is a better option.

3. Can I use two showerheads on one valve?

Yes, we can use two showerheads on one valve, but that results in loss of pressure. Diving pressure equally becomes difficult for a valve so it is better to use a separate valve for dual showerheads. 

Final Verdict

Everyone wants the best in everything. However, when it comes to bath time, no one can ever compromise on a showerhead that is leaking water, dull, and does not offer useful functions. Because bath time is not just about bathing anymore, it’s a luxurious morning experience.

The most common finishes are chrome, polished brass, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze. They are beautiful to look at and accent all kinds of faucets and fixtures in every kind of bathroom. Now that you have read our reviews about the best dual shower heads from our list above, we hope that this must have helped you in your decision-making process. However, to simplify it further, we suggest two best dual shower heads in case you still have few doubts.

HotelSpa 1831 – This provides 30 full and combined water flow patterns and is a versatile showerhead. The best dual rainfall showerhead.

Ana Bath – This one comes with 25 full and combined water flow patterns and is readily available in the market at an affordable price. The best dual showerhead.


Happy Showering!!

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