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Best Freestanding Tubs Reviews (2022)- Complete Guide to Choose A Bathtub

If you are struggling to make the best remarkable possible bathroom in your home, you should genuinely believe in finding a freestanding bath in a  best freestanding tubs.

Although there is an array of bathtub styles, freestanding tubs offer an exceptionally soothing feel because of their artistic design. With the growing demand and supply of such tubs with every passing year, choosing the best freestanding tub for your bathroom has become a huge decision to be rendered. 

We are currently presenting you with a list of the best-rated Freestanding bathtubs that you can find in the marketplace. Our study reviewed their designs and dimensions and the materials of the tubs, cost, and installation procedure. The outcome of our endeavor is a list that genuinely has a tub for everybody.

These should give you an idea of some of the best freestanding bathtubs that you can consider while buying the tub for your bathroom. Take in our advice and consider the scope of your bathroom, the tub volume, and the tub’s design will be crucial when you are finishing your buying. 

Our Top 8 Best Freestanding Tubs Reviews

It is 67 inches long, 31.5 inches wide, and 28 3/8 inches deep bathtub, which allows you to sit comfortably. This Woodbridge bathtub is relatively costly due to the high-quality materials used in its making. 

It is because of these materials that the bathtub provides you the highest comfort that you desire for.  This bathtub includes gloss white Lucite acrylic with Ashland resin and fiberglass. The double-walled insulation keeps the water at the desired temperature for a longer period. 

This will help you in having a warm bath for long without the water getting cold. The tub can contain 60 gallons of water that are sufficient for an immersive bathing experience. The free bath pillow provided along with the bathtub is extra special and beneficial for the customer for a more relaxing experience. 

 You must know that the bottom of the tub contains a stainless-steel bracket increasing the bathtub’s capacity to hold up to 1000pounds.

Important Features

  • A package is included with the bathtub with a reliable assembled brass brushed nickel drain, and a stainless-steel brushed nickel overflow, which helps in the easy drainage of the water and keeps the bathtub clean.
  • There is a bath pillow provided with this bathtub, which is waterproof and thus dries quickly, and thus it maintains hygiene.
  • As the drainage pipes are inside the bathtub, they remain covered, do not smell, and become dirty.
  • They have an anti-odor design and anti-leakage property, preventing any damage to the bathtub during the release of water.
  • The maximum insulation is designed so that the desired temperature of the water is maintained even when a person takes long periods of bath.

  • The bathtub and the pillows are the US and Canada UPC and CSA certified.

  • The Woodbridge support team is ready to answer any query or product-oriented problems whenever they arise.
  • This bathtub is hygienic, marvelous in heat retention, has long lasting durability, and is very peaceful to look at.
  • The bath pillow does not get easily dirty and could be wiped out with a clean cloth to keep it hygienic.
  • The hidden drainage pipe is anti-crack and does not undergo any breakage in cold weather.


  • It weighs 155 pounds, which is quite heavy to handle and might require a support team to assist you in its installation.
  • The plumbing parts are provided with the warranty of only one year following which you have to undergo the expenses of its damages.


This WOODBRIDGE acrylic bathtub is made in such a way that it gives you the utmost luxury and comfort. The moment you fall in the tub, you feel relaxed and the body to de-stresses itself. 

This bathtub is unique, unlike others, because of the high-quality materials that are used in its formation. Because of these materials, it is easy to maintain the tub and experience luxury and comfort. The materials included are 100% white Lucite acrylic along with Ashland resin and fiberglass. 

The tub has a length of 59 inches, in 31 inches wide, and covers a depth of about 23 inches.  This dimension gives it a capacity to hold 55 gallons of water suitable for every adult and a youngster. This bathtub is specially designed for the comfort of people in every shape and size. And thus you can select the one which is most suitable and appropriate for your washroom. 

It will certainly add on a style statement to your washroom space. The design is double-walled, causing maximum insulation, which provides the desired temperature of water to last longer than usual. The bathtub includes a solid brushed nickel finished drain and overflow that provides easy drainage and maintains the bathtub’s hygiene. 

It is essential to maintain hygiene; otherwise, it may cause infection. Thus it is effortless to maintain this tub and keep its cleanliness.

Important Features

  • The ergonomic design of the tub makes it extremely relaxing and comfortable and has molded the tub in a general body shape, which provides the utmost comfort.
  • As the pop-up drain is pre-installed, customers do not have to worry about installation problems. As the drainage pipe is tough and durable, it can endure hot water and not get corroded.
  • The v cup-shaped drain prevents the backflow of dirty water, thus helping in avoiding bad smell and odor from the sewage pipe. The drainage pipe is 37inchjes long and re-adjustable depending on need.
  • The deep tub has a slight inward sloping offering comfort during a long soak. It is big enough to fit a large man as well as someone of small stature.
  • The size of the bathtub is designed in such a way that it gives ample space for a relaxing bath and yet economical in varied spaces.

  • This bathtub is hygienic, marvelous in heat retention, has longlasting durability.

  • This bathtub is the US and Canada UPC and CSA certified and even has a five-year warranty on bathtub.
  • The dimensions are such that it can be fitted into a small space, and it even weighs as less as 88 pounds.
  • The double insulation does not allow the easy leakage of heat from the warm water in the tub.
  • The drainage pipe is tough and durable and is easy to install and causes no leak as it is anti-crack.

  • Although the tub’s lightweight helps in its installation, it has to be appropriately fitted to the floor so that it does not wobble.

  • Each fitting might require silicone depending on the customers’ personal choice, which the product does not provide.


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In this hectic and overburdened era, almost all of us are very busy in our day-to-day lives. You must have felt tired often, which might have led to frustration, anxiety, sadness, and irritation.

 So, one needs to find some time for oneself to relax one’s body as well as mind. One of the best ways to do so is by having a long warm bath in your tub. Here is a tub that will help you to relax your body and release the tension and strain. Cadet freestanding tub is created in such a way that it provides extreme luxury and comfort. 

You will feel very comfortable sitting in it, and thus your body will feel more relaxed, and your mind will freshen up too.

Important Feature

  • The bathtub is easy to clean and does not react to cosmetic products or everyday chemicals. It retains its high gloss, clean and new look with minimum maintenance. Moreover, the material is scratch as well as stain-resistant.
  • It has a dimension of 66-inch x 42 inches x 23 inches, which is very apt.
  • The bathing well is extra deep, allowing complete immersion and a relaxing soak.
  • It is a two-piece design that is easier as well as faster for installation.
  • This tub includes a freestanding tub filler and a handheld spray that makes it easier for you to bath.

  • It has an oval design with gentle curves that makes it comfortable enough to lean in to.
  • It has a wide deck that provides a large area to place your bathing essentials, such as towels and soaps.
  • The handheld spray allows you to spray into your body to clean yourself up thoroughly.
  • The bathing well is more in-depth, allowing the entire body to immerse and make yourself relaxed.
  • This bathtub is large enough for a tall person and beautifully curved for a shorter person. It is big enough to hold a muscular man and provide comfort to a lean and lanky woman.

  • The freestanding tub weighs 120 pounds, which requires careful handling during installation.

  • This is only a soaker tub, and a heater installation might not be possible.


The slight curves on the insides of this bathtub give natural support to the body; thus, you can easily lean back and relax. It can fit a wide range of spaces due to its beautiful design and its enormous structure.

 Moreover, it is easy to maintain and can be kept as new for an extended period. The bathtub keeps the water at the desired temperature for a longer period. This will help you in having a warm bath for long  without the water getting cold. Anyone who has had a tiresome day would feel refreshed after having a bath in this tub.

Important Features

  • It has a dimension of 68 inches x 31 inches x 28 inches.
  • It is made up of cast iron and acrylic and is available in different shapes and sizes.
  • It is reinforced using fiberglass, which makes it durable and a lot lighter than usual cast iron materials.
  • The acrylic tubs are available in four styles ranging from oval to rectangular to fit your personal preference.
  • The tub has a capacity of 75.4 gallons, which is very apt for an average person.

  • This bathtub is 50 percent less heavy than traditional cast iron tubs, along with being more durable.

  • You can recline your body against the slope of the tub as its ergonomic design gives more comfort to the body.
  • These tubs are easy to move in comparison to other cast iron tubs.
  • The double-ended design is similar to a deep soaking tub and is the largest in the four types.
  • The rectangular tube is curved at the four corners providing a ledge where you can place bathing materials if necessary.


  • This tub gets scratched easily.

  • None of the freestanding tubs have any pre-drilled holes for attachment of faucets.


This bathtub gives the bathroom a contemporary look as it is entirely brownish in color and minimalistic design. You can almost fit it into any kind of designed washrooms due to its simple design.

 Its simple exterior just adds up show and grandeur to your washroom space. As stress builds up in daily life, our body changes to become more rigid and less flexible, leading to several problems.

 Sitting in a bath and let go of everything that has happened throughout the day is a process of not just calming your muscles but also your brain. One must always remember to take care of one’s body no matter how busy the day gets because it is necessary to have a healthy body and mind to maintain a smooth lifestyle.

 There are many ways to relax oneself, but the easiest and one of the best ways is to sit and relax in your luxurious and comfortable bathtub.

Important Features

  • The tub has an outer dimension of 45 inches by 36 inches, while the inner dimensions are 39 inches by 36 inches.
  • These round hammered copper tubs are recyclable.
  • It has a seat on its inside, which gives comfort.
  • It is hand made and is made of 99.7% pure recycled copper.
  • It has a water capacity of 54 gallons and a drainage size of 2 inches.

  • This is a green recyclable product.

  • Copper is an essential everyday element which is extremely beneficial for health.
  • It is handmade, which gives it a unique texture and feel.
  • The bathtub weighs around 200 pounds, which is much less as compared to other copper tubs.
  • This product promises not only beauty and functionality but also health.

  • You can’t unfold your legs entirely in it.

  • It is easily scratched.

This tub is such that the space is large enough to give you the utmost comfort and luxury. You can almost fit it into any kind of designed washrooms due to its simple design. Its simple exterior just adds up show and grandeur to your washroom space.

Important Feature

  • The product has a dimension of 29.25 x 60 x 23 inches.
  • It is minimalistic in design and always warm to touch.
  • The bathtub is resistant to a wide range of products beginning from detergent used in bathrooms to everyday cosmetics.
  • This provides an extra benefit as the customer does not have to worry about accidentally spilling detergents or wiping out makeup before taking a bath on a tiring day.
  • It has an adjustable base for proper stability and leveling.

  • This product comes with a two years manufacturer warranty.

  • It is light in weight, weighing only 112 pounds.
  • The acrylic material is resistant, durable, and easy to maintain.
  • It is much deeper than most of the tubs for full-body emersion.
  • It is easy to clean as well as dries up quickly and thus maintains hygiene.

  • It has no insulation to keep the water warm.

  • It can be easily scratched if not taken care of properly.


The gentle slopes curve in the interior and provide a fluidity to the design and exceptional capacity to relax. The design is such that it is extremely low maintenance and resists all kinds of scratches and stains on its high gloss surface. 

It could be kept as new with little effort and time put into its cleanliness. And thus, it is effortless to clean without much trouble in your hectic schedule. One or two people can bathe in it simultaneously as the stainless steel bracket makes the bearing capacity a thousand pounds. 

Thus you can have a beautiful experience of bathing with your partner. This will allow you to have a good time with one another and will help you in relaxing.

Important Features

  • This bathtub is made up of high-quality materials and thus is stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and maintains its luster for a long period.
  • It is reinforced with fiberglass, which gives it long durability.
  • The bathtub is designed, focusing on high-quality comfort and sophistication. The ergonomic design provides soft curves in its interior for ultimate relaxation to all body shapes and sizes.
  • The dimension of this tub is 60 inches x 29 inches x 23.82 inches.
  • The faucets should be mounted in the deck, the wall, or can be freestanding.

  • It contains four concealed, adjustable leveling legs.

  • It is made of lightweight materials. Thus it is easy to transport and install.
  • Unlike other fiberglass stuff, discoloration and fading do not occur.
  • A pre-installed chrome pop up drain is present that keeps the tub clean.
  • It has an immersion depth of 13.75 inches that is quite desirable.

  • Extremely lightweight, which is 77.2 pounds.

  • It comes with four legs and thus can not be adequately anchored to the floor.


This bathtub gives the bathroom a contemporary look as it is entirely white in color and minimalistic design. This acrylic bathtub is made in such a way that it gives you the utmost luxury and comfort. 

The moment you fall in the tub, you feel relaxed and the body to de-stresses itself. This bathtub is special, unlike others, because of the high-quality materials that are used in its formation. Because of these materials, it is easy to maintain the tub as well as to experience luxury and comfort.

 The materials included are 100% white acrylic and fiberglass. The drainage pipe remains hidden within the bathtub, thus preventing the dirty and messy look. It is even anti-leakage in design and also has a bug cover. This prevents any insect from making its home inside the drainage pipe.

Important Features

  • This bathtub Along with comfort, the reinforced fiberglass gives it strength and durability.
  • The ergonomic design of the tub makes it extremely relaxing and comfortable and has molded the tub in a general body shape, which provides the utmost comfort.
  • The size of the bathtub is designed in such a way that it gives ample space for a relaxing bath and yet economical in varied spaces.
  • As the drainage pipes are inside the bathtub, they remain covered and do not smell as well as become dirty.
  • They have an anti oder design and anti-leakage property, preventing any damage to the bathtub during the release of water.

  • The bathtub comes with adjustable feet to stabilize it on any surface.

  • The pop-up drain is 2 inches in diameter and thus drains the water quickly after the bath.
  • Due to the drainage system, the bathtub dries up soon and thus maintain a healthy environment.
  • This tub is UPC certified and comes with a warranty of one year.
  • It is made of environmental protection material, which is non-toxic and non-cracking.

  • It weighs 91 pounds, thus needs to be stabilized.

  • It is only one person bathing.

Buying Guide:

Whether you merely want to change an old bathtub, or if you want to begin from scrap with your current bathroom entirely. You will be capable to uncover enough of freestanding bathtubs. There will be one that will match your requirements. Also, there are a lot of decent grounds to prefer freestanding bathtub. 

There are many issues to take into consideration while finalizing your purchase. One of the significant factors that will define which one you select will be the material. You will learn about a freestanding bathtub made from acrylic, iron, copper, bronze, stone, and even stainless steel. 

The other vital issue is the size of the tub. The initial point that you need to remember is to measure your bathroom and around any prevailing decor that you need for the project illustration of your bathroom. So that you can then work out how much space do you have for a freestanding bathtub. It would be best if you also safeguarded that you involve the space that your door requires to open and close.

We provide you a step by step buying guide for best freestanding soaking tub by assisting you over the most critical considerations in reaching your judgment. It helps you to find the best bathtubs for you.

What is a freestanding bathtub?

Freestanding bathtubs are free from the obligation of walls or pre-planned layouts to incorporate it into the bathroom. Their layout is the most gorgeous for bathtubs. The frame is often created with imaginative nursing and can seem like carvings.

Their mechanism is flexible, as they can stand at any place where you can link a water pipe and a drain. They can be positioned correctly in the middle of the bathroom, back into a corner, or in the shower cubicle, anywhere its sizes fit.

That is why, if you are considering renovating your bathroom and switching your old bath, we suggest a freestanding model as the best bathtubs.

Style and Design

Selecting a tub style is equally vital. The purpose of purchasing the tub, whether it will be extensively used or to add glamour or for soaking? Whatever the issue, there are many freestanding tub styles to pick from, one of which you will find that meets your needs the best. These freestanding tub types consist of:

Single-Ended – It is the exceedingly popular tub style, which is primarily found in old-fashioned houses. This style is characterized by one curved ending. It is leaned for reclining, with the opposite end, which is earmarked for your drainpipe and faucet.

Double- Ended – These have two smooth-edged ends that permit the tub to offer the alternative of bathing on each edge. The only visible distinction between this tub and the other types is that Double-Ended tubs are not lifted.

Clawfoot – These are known as traditional tubs in world history but continue to be a prevalent style and a preferred choice for traditional houses with customary designing. These tubs are offered with single-ended, single-slipper, double-ended, and double-slipper designs. They are available in a varied size, which can be suited in various bathroom places.

Japanese Soaking Bathtubs– These tubs are well-known for their small length, and greater height. Due to their more extensive configuration, these tubs include an incorporated seat. These tubs have too much depth, allowing a person to immerse in water and feel full-body soaking while providing a relaxed and soothing bathing period.

Single Slipper – They vary from the single-ended approach due to one high end, which is in the shape of a slipper. This higher-end delivers extraordinary back support, resulting in a more relaxed bathing feel.

Double Slipper – Unlike single-slipper tubs, these are lifted on both sides for relaxed resting on each side.


Pedestal/Skirted – Exactly akin to clawfoot, these kinds of tubs are available in a single-ended, single slipper, double-ended, and double slipper models.



With bathtub costs stretching from mid-hundreds into thousands, be convinced to think about how the tub is built from materials to drain location, and what is required to install it.

Cost of tubs is based on the following factors:

  • Materials Costs:
  • Plumbing cost
  • Structural reinforcement cost
  • Removing an old tub
  • Adding a new water heater
  • Additional Bathtub Costs:

                  Tub Surroundings



Bathtub material:

As they come in an array of designs, freestanding tubs are also manufactured with various materials. Manufactured material outcomes on whether the tub is comfortable or robust, while reliant on the material used to build the tub, also have various costs.

While taking into consideration your cost, you can select the tub in acrylic, solid surface, stainless steel, stone, cast iron, copper.

Acrylic – Acrylic is a few of the best contemporary bathtub materials. It is so widespread because it is very lightweight and is simple to maintain. Acrylic is generally antimicrobial, and you can cleanse it with comfort. One more reason this is such a common material for constructing bathtubs is that it can be sculpted into any shape. Acrylic freestanding bathtubs usually are very inexpensive. You can be confident that they will last out for an exceptionally long period.

Cast iron – Cast iron is the usual stuff to produce freestanding bathtubs. It is a weighty material, so you should think about this if you must get the tub on a higher floor to connect it. These types of bathtubs have a distinctive element to install in the usual style bathroom. For an even more striking look, these tubs can be installed on a foundation or opponents to lure more attention.

Other materials comprising copper and stainless steel are superior-quality metals that will not rust. 

 Each tub offers something that the other does not. That suggests if acrylic is not as durable than cast-iron. It does not imply that cast-iron is more relaxed than acrylic because it genuinely is not. Some of the tubs present more relaxation, some more flexibility, while some more stability, so reliant on what you are following, be confident to prefer your bathtub material.


Now you have evaluated up. It would be best if you thought about the objective that your bathtub would be served. Do you plan to enjoy prolonged and deluxe soaks in the bath? That would necessitate buying a deep-seated bathtub, and that can present you with a spa-like feel. 

If you are not the only one in your family who will be utilizing the bathtub, you should also think about the other users in your house. If you are short, you may not require a huge bathtub. A colossal user would require an enormous bathtub. If you want an impressive bathtub for a much spacious bathroom, you may still want to ponder finding one appropriate for 2 person freestanding tub.


You can install a freestanding bathtub on your own. It would be best if you cleaned the floor before you start as anything once stuck underneath the tub will remain there once you have fitted it. You should by now have the plumbing in order so that you can install the bathtub. You should make sure that the drainpipe on the floor connects with the drain under the bathtub. 

Now you can wash the drain hole area. Add the washer and slip it over the drain body, and then you will be able to put the drainpipe on the washer and stiffen it. 

It would help if you now put a rubber gasket around the drain body. Insert the washer onto the ending. These are provided with your bathtub but visit your local plumbing store for advice if you do not.

Before putting the tub into place, you should make sure that you add a lot of adhesive to the bottom of the bathtub supports. You can now load the tub with water and then let it drain out so that you can get safety check that the drain is working correctly.

Look out for any leaks. If there are any leakages, you may need to add some more sealant or stiffen contacts. 

Frequently Ask Question:

What is the best material for freestanding tub?

The most popular choice is acrylic tubs as it is available in a large variety of shapes and sizes. Moreover these tubs are very lightweight and thus are easy to carry as well as install. It is even easy to clean a freestanding tub of acrylic as they do not get easily affected by color and cosmetics.

What should I look for when buying a freestanding tub?

It is very important that you look for the materials of a freestanding tub so that you can know its weight as well as how to maintain it. There are tubs which are very heavy and not easily movable but at the same time there are acrylic tubs which are lightweight and can easily be kept clean.

Are freestanding tubs hard to get into?

The fact is that the freestanding tubs have high sides which makes it difficult for the children to get into but not the adults. a person with an average height can easily get in and get out of the bathtub. Moreover, always remember to have some gap in between the tub and the wall so that it would be easy to get in as well as out.

Are freestanding tubs hard to clean around?

It is not hard to clean around a freestanding tub until and unless there is a gap between the tub and the wall. majorly the problem happens if there is too less space between the tub sides and the wall. This makes it difficult to get in and out as well as to clean the tub properly.

Final verdict:

If you have the space for a freestanding bathtub, you should undoubtedly believe about getting one. It will enhance your home’s significance and make your bathroom an ideal haven for soothing. As you can find out from these best freestanding tub reviews, there is an abundance of distinct freestanding bathtubs out there for you to select. Also, they are rated a little higher than typical bathtubs. They are worth the bonus benefits that there are to be earned from having one of these. One such bathtub based on consumer reports best freestanding tubs is WOODBRIDGE 59″ Freestanding Bathtub B0012/BTA1506 with the following salient features

  • High glossy white acrylic construction, double-walled design for max insulation and warmth
  • Brushed nickel integrated overflow & push pop-up drain included overflow & drain is pre-installed
  • Relaxing and comfortable. Ergonomic design forms to the body’s shape for ultimate comfort
  • Premium quality acrylic construction reinforced with fiberglass for strength and durability

Given that you have read this entire article, we hope this outline on the Freestanding bathtubs reviews was decent enough to help you conclude. We made this list centered on numerous user assessments, brand reputation, endurance, and model. 

We have tried to include all these considerations for you in this buying guide to make an informed decision.