How Much Does It Cost to Reglaze a Tub?

There’s not anything somewhat like a soothing bubble bath at the end of a long, challenging day. But in bid to appreciate some relaxation in your bathtub, you need a spotless space you genuinely want to drop. Rust, dirt, and gaps can immediately turn your peaceful oasis into a total nightmare, but many of us … Read more

How to Remove the Six Types of Tub Drain Plugs?

It’s unfortunate but real: over the year’s bathtub drains clog and on occasion even corrode. In the end, your bathtub is put to the check each day as you and the other individuals of your household bathe, forcing all forms of body care merchandise—and copious amounts of human hair—through the drain and into the pipes … Read more

What is the Standard Size of a Bathtub?

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How to Fix a Crack in a Fiberglass Tub- A DIY Method to Fix Hairline Crack (2021)

Most contemporary houses benefit from modernized work and materials, comprising fiberglass or acrylic bathtubs instead of conventional porcelain-coated cast iron or stainless steel. Inexpensive, appealing, and sturdy, fiberglass is susceptible to cracking and pitting in the end. Luckily, restoring a cracked or dented tub or shower pan is an uncomplicated DIY task that generally homeowners … Read more

What is the Best Material for a Bathtub? Know the Details with Pros and Cons

The modern bathroom has been transmuted into a spa, a place to relax and refresh the body.  The bathroom should be imaginatively planned, with beautiful textured walls, suitable materials, and soothing colors give a soothing experience. Sited at the core of this leisure center is the tub. Once a practical device, the tub has become … Read more