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How Much Does It Cost to Reglaze a Tub? -Bathtub Reglazing Details.

There’s not anything somewhat like a soothing bubble bath at the end of a long, challenging day. But in bid to appreciate some relaxation in your bathtub, you need a spotless space you genuinely want to drop. Rust, dirt, and gaps can immediately turn your peaceful oasis into a total nightmare, but many of us put off bathtub restoration plans because, well, they’re tremendous jobs.Bathtubs that are intensely used and over time, they can begin displaying signs of age. The most effective question that arises is “how much does it cost to reglaze a tub?” Bathtub Reglazing is a cost-effective way to repair a tub’s presence and extend its life. This labor-exhaustive project includes sanding down the tub’s surface, making trivial restorations, and glaze the tub with primer and paint. Quality of reglazing differs from company to company.

In a casual survey of some homeowners who have had bathtubs refinished, the class seems to have crux on one thing: preparation. 

Cost also fluctuates, but nearly all homeowners appear to be paying around $550 for the maintenance. Our article will not only focus on “how much does it cost to reglaze a tub?”  but will keep you guided for the whole process of reglazing.


Let Discuss Bathtub Reglazing Cost

cost of reglazing a bathtub

Bathtub Reglazing involves numerous stages, even though the procedure can differ reliant on the substances used. A specialist cleanses the tub’s exterior thoroughly and then utilizes acid to produce a harsh surface, which will permit the glaze to hold on to the tub and avoid flaking or chipping later on. After the varnish treatments, the tub is polished, cleaned, and then gleaming.

Is kit for Bathtub Refinishing Available?

If you want to lessen the toxic chemicals in your home, the Ekopel 2K Bathtub Refinishing Kit is one of the superior products you can select. It contains an epoxy coating that does not strip off and maintains the glow and smooth for a prolonged time. Once it has dried up, the effect is also moisture resilient, giving it a lengthier life.

Users will be given a spreader and flattening comb that will come together to provide you with the ideal coating. With these additions, you can instantly mix the product and have it prepared for use on your bathtub. One of the other advantages is treating time. The work will dry up in 24 hours of use, but we suggest leaving a bit longer.

It provides with 5.7-pounds of paint, and although it will cover a bathtub of typical size, you may not be able to do a second layer. If you have a small bathtub, it should be enough for the tub and dry out rapidly.

Steps for Bathtub Refinishing :

Skilled tub restorers may call their method reglazing, and the particular steps they use may differ somewhat, but the fundamental process is more or less universal.

  • Clean the bathtub entirely and remove all filling.
  • Cloak around the bathtub and wrap areas not to be refinished. Refinishing specialists are incredibly mindful that they are in a personal residence, so they take safeguards to reduce overspray and other mess. Experts put down drop cloths and wraps over cabinets and plumbing fittings.
  • Eliminate the bath faucet, drain fixtures, and other hardware.
  • Put up a ventilation fan to exhaust overspray and smell outside.
  • Lightly sand the whole bathtub to abrade the original finish. In some instances, the tub may also be scratched with acid to help the new coating stick.
  • Vacuum the bathtub to eliminate waste from the sanding phase.
  • Fill chipped, scraped, or damaged areas, then sand soft.
  • Apply up to three layers of primer with a sprinkler, and let it dry.
  • Use three or four layers of a top-coat mixture with a spray, and let it dry.
  • Burnish the coating, as relevant. Some bathtub refinishers come back days later for a final cleaning; other user processes do not require polishing.

Time Taken for Bathtub Reglazing :

 A basic-size bathtub refinishing takes 2 to 5 hours if it’s in modest condition. The tub will be dry and prepared to use within 48 hours. Some bathtub refinishing service provider returns the next day to clean and sparkle the entire bathtub—to eliminate any waste that fell into the glaze while drying.

Waiting time after bathtub reglazing :

Specialists suggested waiting 48 hours for coatings to dry before use, after reglazing a bathtub. The full bathtub refinishing treating time takes up to 7 days. Drying time varies on the quality of materials applied, the temperature, and the results we’re adequately mixed.

Disadvantages of Bathtub Reglazing :

Inaccurate use will ultimately cause destruction, resulting in a shorter coating lifetime and a bad look. Several bathtubs reglazing troubles may arise when the coating thickness is utilized insufficiently or unreasonably such as:

  1. Runs and Falls
  2. Creasing
  3. Incorrect Treating
  4. Peeling
  5. Breaking and Delamination
  6. Extended Dry Time
  7. Inappropriate Curing
  8. View of Substrate

Bathtub Reglazing Cost :

Bathtub refinishing prices between $300 and $600, with most proprietors spending $437 on average. Specialized tub resurfacing costs about 75% less than the alternative, lasts for 10 to 15 years, and offers a glossy finish layer that makes the tub consider brand new.

Cost of Porcelain Bathtub Reglazing:

The asking price to refinish a porcelain tub is $437, with most homeowners paying between $250 and $600 for a full renovation. Most porcelain bathtubs are erected on a base made of cast iron or steel. If a magnet doesn’t fix, it’s a vintage concrete porcelain tub that amounts more to re-porcelain.

Cost of Fiberglass Bathtub Reglazing:

The expense to refinish a fiberglass bathtub is $250 to $600, varying on the size and quantity of surface damage. Reglazing a fiberglass tub and shower contain costs $800 to $1,200 reliant on a one-piece unit or an attached ceiling.

To check the prices of various types of bathtub on amazon please go through our review of Best Freestanding Tubs.

Cost of Cast Iron Bathtub Reglazing:

Cast iron tub refinishing costs $300 to $650 differ on the size and repair. Old cast iron bathtubs ought to be sandblasted to eliminate rust, old paint, and decay and need erosion and chips mended before restoration. Re-enameling can maintain a tub in good form for 100 years.

Cost of Clawfoot Bathtub Reglazing:

The standard cost to refinish a clawfoot tub is $300 to $650, depending on its size and state. Clawfoot tub problems such as erosion, rust, pinholes, scarring, lead paint, or chips need to be tackled before reglazing. Refinishing takes 4 to 5 hours and usually comes with a 3 to 10-year service contract.

Bathtub Resurfacing VS Bathtub Replacing:

reglazing bathtubs cost

Varying on your conditions, involving the sum of time you want to invest in the project and the present state of your tub and the constraint of “how much does it cost to reglaze a tub?” you can change or reglaze it to finish your bathroom update.


Overall, except you have a stand-alone tub, reglazing involves significantly less physical labor than replacing the tub. The extent of labor involved in the method will affect you more, so if you’re doing the job yourself; however, the amount of work will affect the project’s cost and the volume of distraction your household encounters during the project.

Time and Uncertainty:

The bathroom is more prone to be out of authority entirely when replacing the tub, while usually reglazing affects the usage of the tub itself. These time frames are also centered on a smooth, trouble-free renovation project through the tub; as with generally large-scale house projects, many things can cause interruptions, which implies replacing the tub can take much longer than reglazing it. 


If you get rid of the existing tub and install the new one on your hold, replacing can be a comparatively cheap process, with high tubs starting at around $200, although an excellent product will likely cost upwards of $1,000. If you don’t do the labor by hand, the cost can go as high, or higher, than $3,000 in total.Reglazing is usually less than $1,000, even though this can vary by area and servicer.

If you come up with an older yet well-made tub and determine to have it efficiently refinished, the end product will habitually be of higher quality than whatever you could purchase in the shop for the same price. In many instances, new tubs are not received with the same quality material or artistry as older ones are, and reglazing can give you an unbelievably well-made, well-kept end product.


Re enamel Bath Cost:

Re enamel a bathtub costs $466 on average, with a typical stretch of $330 and $602. This involves $30 to $150 in materials and $200 to $500 in work. Material and size can also change the total. 

Cost of Bathtub Replacement:

Bathtub replacement costs $1,500 to $5,000 or extra depending on the type of tub, destruction, exclusion of the old tub, and alterations required in the plumbing, tiling, and mounting. Tub replacement lets you alter the size, shape, and fabric, and ultimately convert the space and adjacent wall tile.

Comparative Cost Between DIY Vs. Hire a Professional:

The answer to the question “how much does it cost to reglaze a tub?” is on a restriction. You can spare about $300 to $400 if you DIY this venture, but most homeowners would be safer off hiring a professional. Many remodelers can produce custom colors to fit what you already have or offer a completely distinct, fresher look. When you’re prepared to locate bathroom contractors near you, remember to:

  • Read appraisals from previous customers.
  • Request an on the spot estimate.
  • Get quotes from a minimum of three companies.

If you choose to DIY, you’ll need to pay $30 to $150 for a refinishing kit. If you’re not employed to working with them, you may need to hire a specialist to make sure it’s done the first time correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Safe Is It to Refinish A Tub?

The well-being of refinishing your tub will all hinge on the products you are using. If the goods are eco-friendly, the risk is decreased. However, you can additionally use gloves and other devices to complete the procedure and keep your hands safe.

Can A Bathtub Be Refinished multiple times?

There are some drawbacks to how many occasions you can refinish the bathtub. It will all vary on the underlying coating, as this can wear out with time. However, you can go on the sand the tub and operate a base coating to guarantee the tub can be covered.

What Is the Distinction Between Refinishing and Reglazing A Bathtub?

Reliant on who you are, it might entail the same thing. Nevertheless, the reglazing process is usually used to define the sheen on the bathtub’s ceramic layer. By reglazing the bathtub, you will attach another layer of gloss to the tub. It will also safeguard that the cracks are lined in, making the tub waterproof once again.

How Long Does A Refinished Tub Last?

When you have refinished your tub, you could be pondering how long the tub will be enduring. Though, most of the tubs that have been carefully refinished will last you in the span of 10 or 15 years. Habitually, it can last longer.


If your tub is fraying, or it has lost sure of the sheen, refinishing is an inexpensive way to fix the tub and puff some life into it. 

Hope the article have provided you with the answer to “how much does it cost to reglaze a tub?”

The best way to discover the cost of your work is to get references from local bathroom resurfacing experts. This might provide you an idea of what market rates presently are.

All the fees and costs quoted were obtained at the time this article was written. They are symptomatic, may vary locally, are dependent on market forces, and ought to be used as a model.

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