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How to Remove Hair from Shower Drain ? A DIY Method.

how to remove hair from shower drain

A washroom is a place we use to wash off all kinds of dirt, but we always want to see it spic and span. Isn’t it? Similarly, we use drains in our everyday life for draining water, dirt, unwanted particles, and more. To maintain the dignity of a clean drain, never let any solid particles get inside, especially hair. Did you know, hair takes approximately two years to decompose? Let us face it; you wouldn’t want to wait that long to unclog your drain. But, if in case you have a clogged drain and need help in understanding how to remove hair from your shower drain, then in this article of “How to Remove Hair from Shower Drain?”, we have listed a few methods that you can do it at home quickly, and they are a sure help.

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step of How to Remove Hair from Shower Drain ?

  1. Hair Snake – This is one of the most straightforward tools, readily available, and easy to use. All you need to do is insert the hair snake into the drain straight and just pull it out. Its little teeth act like hook and pull out all the hair in no time, just like catching a fish from a pond. These are readily available in the market and also goes by the name drain snake.


  1. Use your Finger – When all else fail, use the most basic tool at your disposal. Yes, they are your fingers. You might find it gross, but trust us, this is the best way for a good clean up. Wear a good pair of gloves, dig deep by running your hand inside and through the edges. Clean hair using your fingers in no time. The cheapest method of all.


  1. Soda and Vinegar – For those who refuse to come out, no matter what. Start by pouring a pot of boiling water. Then, make a mixture of one-cup baking soda and one-cup vinegar solution. Cover the drain and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Now, pour boiling water down the drain again. The bubbling reaction will help loosen the clog, and you will have an unclogged drain in no time.


  1. Tweezers – Can I use tweezers? Yes, you can. One good reason for using tweezers is that they are thin, long, and have pointy-heads. They make for a very convenient tool for removing hair from the drain.


  1. Wire coat hanger – If you are not able to get a good grip of the hair with the tweezers. Try inserting a wire coat hanger into the drain. The wire that is bent in the shape of a hook provides a good grip for that stubborn hair.


  1. Hair Remover Cream – A hair remover cream will work the same way it works on your body—a mess-free method to remove hair from the shower drain. Squeeze a little portion into the drain and wait for an hour or two, for worst-case scenarios leave the cream into the drain overnight. Rinse thoroughly using water with high pressure. Water with force helps flush out excess cream.


  1. Vacuum Cleaner – Vacuum cleaners work best in such cases, but ensure the drain is dry. Switch on the vacuum cleaner on high mode and place the nozzle over the drain. It will suck and bring all the hair to the top, which you can simultaneously remove using your fingers, tweezers, or a wire coat hanger.


  1. Plunger – A plunger solves most of the drain problems. Try using a plunger and moving it up and down over the drain. It creates a suction that will either pull all the hair along with it or loosen it and bring it to the surface.


  1. Take Preventive Care – Allowing any kind of solid particles, especially hair into the drain, is a big no. The repercussions of such negligence cause nasty situations. Hence, we recommend you work with precautions and take preventive measures from time to time. Listed below are a few preventive measures.
  • Pull up any debris once a week.
  • Flush the drain once a month.
  • Place a hair catcher over the drain. This will stop the hair from going inside the drain and clogging. They are affordable and great for keeping hair away from drains.
  • Brushing your hair thoroughly before a shower prevents hair clogs


Nothing is more frustrating than wondering how to remove hair from a shower drain. So, why fall into a place that can get difficult to clean. If you ever fall into such a situation, try one of the methods listed above for immediate help. They are sure to work wonders.

Happy Unclogging!!

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