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How to Remove the Six Types of Tub Drain Plugs?

It’s unfortunate but real: over the year’s bathtub drains clog and on occasion even corrode. In the end, your bathtub is put to the check each day as you and the other individuals of your household bathe, forcing all forms of body care merchandise—and copious amounts of human hair—through the drain and into the pipes past. The day may also come while your drain ceases to function. While that takes place, you’ll likely need to put off the drain for inspection, accompanied by either a careful cleaning or an entire replacement, and you ponder on the question “how to remove the tub drain plug?” .This article of How to Remove the Six Types of Tub Drain Plugs will tell you the types of tub drains and procedure to remove them.

The removal procedure isn’t mainly hard or time-consuming, taking anywhere from a couple of minutes to a few hours from start to finish, depending on the type of drain you’re coping with. This article would be your DIY guide for “how to remove the tub drain plug?”.

How to Remove the Six Types of Tub Drain Plugs?

Types of Different Tub Drain plugs:

Read the information provided below to help you further clarify which type of plug you have.

 1. Toe touch:

 The plug opens and closes with the thrust of your toe.

  2. Push-pull or Lift & Turn:

In push-pull, the plug has a knob in the center, and you have to drive it down to close and pull it out of bed to open. In Lift and Turn, this appears remarkably similar to the Push-Pull style, but you will need to lift and turn the lid (in opposite directions) to open and close.

  3. Flip-It:

This cover uses a lever that, when spun from side to side, will open or close.

  4. PresFlo:

This cover uses an O-ring to build the seal and spins inside the drain opening to either an open or closed plug with barely a minor pressure on one side.

  5. Pop-Up:

This type of plug can have a trip lever or turn style system on the overflow that pushes an inner pushrod versus a rocker arm affixed to the stopper to lift or drop the stopper. Pop-ups have a noticeable stopper in the tub drain and cannot be obscured by a strainer.

  6. Plunger Style:

This style also uses either a trip lever or turn style mechanism to function. An inhouse nozzle is used to stop the water flow. While the overflow plate is set off by tripping a lever or spinning the plate, it affects the plunger to rise or drop. Trip Lever and Turn Style assemblies generally do not need a visible stopper in the tub drain. The drains merely come up with a strainer of a few sort to cover up the drain.

Tools Needed for Removing Tub Plugs:

The undermentioned tools are required for removing tub plugs:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Blow dryer (optional)
  • Drain key or smart dumbbell (if you’re moving the entire drain, including the flange)
  • Vinegar and baking soda, or mild cleanser (optional)

Instruction About How to Remove Toe Touch Plug:

tub drain

Step 1

With the plugin, the “open” position (as you are draining your tub) keeps the shaft cylinder of the plug and turns the top counterclockwise. If this act affects the shaft cylinder, also to roll, then distribute your hold on the shaft cylinder and keep on unscrewing the plug. The shaft cylinder is looped into the crossbar in the strainer, and when it is unloosed, pick up and remove the entire plug.

Step 2

Though, for some Toe Touch plugs, sticking the shaft cylinder and spinning the top cap will permit you to unscrew the top polished cap part of the plug. If this is the issue, then detach the top cap off.

Step 3

When the top cap has been removed and taken off, unscrew the shaft cylinder counterclockwise to get rid of the threaded post screwed hooked on the crossbar in the strainer. A Few shaft cylinders may have a screwdriver position to let you unscrew the shaft/post with a screwdriver’s help.

Instruction About How to Remove Push-pull or Lift & Turn:

Step 1

The plug may be in the “open” or “closed” situation.

Step 2

Dislodge the knob on the lid of the plug. Hold the plug-in spot’s body with one hand and with the other loosen the knob by spinning it anti-clockwise. If the knob doesn’t unscrew, then cover a cloth around the knob and use the wrench to help out in detaching the knob.

Step 3

 Use a flathead screwdriver to loosen the brass implant (post) in the plug’s center by spinning the post anti-clockwise. The post is looped into the crossbar of the strainer.

Step 4

Raise the plug off the strainer.

Instruction About How to Remove Flip-It:

tub Drain

It is perhaps the simplest plugin the series of “how to remove the tub drain plug?” to remove the most you’ll require to draw it off from your drain!

O-rings maintain this Flip-It tub drain plugin position. Softly hold the exterior chrome round body (not the knob) and turn the plug tugging up simultaneously. It does not make a difference in which way you rotate the plug. Occasionally twisting back and forth while tugging up could work out as well.


Instruction About How to Remove PresFlo:

PresFlo sumps seal tapping an O-ring that keeps the cover in position so it can be effortlessly turned to close the drain – producing an exceptional provision for the specially-abled person or persons with the problem in stooping down. Though, this distinctive system can be kind of complicated to imagine out how to remove. 

Step 1

 Make Sure the plug is flat/level in the drain.

Step 2

Press the suction cup down onto the plug till a good cover is established. That may well take up a few attempts as the plug would like to swivel with the pressure.

Step 3

Resolutely clutching the suction cup, drag the plug straight up and out of the drain frame. As this plug is keen to rotate, you could require a few attempts to get it close enough to come up.

Instruction About How to Remove Pop-Up:

pop Up Tub Drain

Step 1

Reverse the trip lever, or turn the overflow faceplate, so that the plug is in the open situation.

Step 2

A Few pop-up plugs drag straight up with one attempt, and one or two need to be twisted back and forth when pulling up. Some plugs have a “rocker-arm” fastened to the stopper needing the plug to be pulled up as much as necessary to clean up the drain and then instantly pulled horizontally away from the drain. Doubt you have this type of plug; you will understand it once you begin to pull it up and see the affixed arm below. You will need to put a fresh piece of cloth on the tub’s bottom, starting at the drain to wrap the tub and prevent the rocker arm from scraping your tub.

Instruction About How to Remove Plunger Style:

Plunger tub drains have a plug situated within the waste and overflow pipe and are triggered by applying a Trip Lever or Turn Style overflow plate. Many of them will come up with a strainer plate to cover up the drain.

Step 1

Find the screws on the trip lever.

Step 2

You will require to take away the screws from the trip lever’s lid plate but detach only one screw from the faceplate in the beginning. With a screwdriver, begin to gently slacken and cut off one of the screws, whichever one, your preference.

Step 3

When one of the screws is separated, keep the faceplate tightly and detach the other screw softly. As the faceplate is untied, it will begin to rotate. Once the faceplate is relaxed sufficiently to turn down (be cautious not to scrape your tub) to disclose the reverse side screw hole, fix the first screw back into the currently visible overflow elbow just a few spins.

Step 4

Now get rid of the second screw entirely while standing onto the faceplate.

Step 5

Pluck the trip lever out and away from the tub wall; you can get to twist it a little for it to come free. With this kind of tub drain, the plug is really within the pipe, not at the drain opening.

Step 6

If necessary, the plug can be altered by either strengthening or relaxing the flexible connection that attaches the trip lever to the plug. The plug must be tweaked to the proper elevation for the bathtub to drain properly.


If you contemplate yourself somewhat conveniently, you can effortlessly get rid of your bathtub drain by yourself with a few instruments. That will spare you a tad of cash that you would else have had to hire the plumber – and at the by the time, you will develop your DIY abilities.

Removing a bathtub drain is an easy job that almost anyone can handle. Follow our step-by-step guide, and you must be able to administer it without considerable concern. It’s a complete solution to your question” how to remove the tub drain plug.”

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