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How to Tell What Your Bathtub Is Made of

How to Tell What Your Bathtub Is Made of ? A DIY Method.

One of the essential things in a washroom is a quality bathtub, and it is crucial that you keep it clean. Cleanliness is necessary as it will ensure proper hygiene and, at the same time, add beauty to your washroom. A stained bathtub never looks excellent, no matter how beautiful your bathroom is. So it is essential that you know the material of your bathtub so that you can keep it clean accordingly. The article ” How to Tell What Your Bathtub Is Made of ?” will give the answer.

A mess-free tub will add to the beauty of your washroom. Although bathtubs are available in a wide variety of materials and styles, there are certain tubs which are very common. You must remember certain things to know what your bathtub is made of. Firstly there are three kinds of tubs that are popular, and it is basically made of steel or cast iron, porcelain, and acrylic. 

Here are the ways which will make it easy for you to find out what your tub is made of.

How You Can test Your Quality Bathtub Is Made of ?

There are some ways that help you to know what’s your quality bathtub is made of.

First Way:

It is straightforward to know if your tub is made of acrylic tub or not. Acrylic tub looks more like plastic and thus is more natural to identify. Now, to find out whether your tub is porcelain or enamel, you can do a simple test. You can take a magnet and see if it sticks to the tub. If it does, then your tub is enamelled metal, but if it doesn’t, then its porcelain.

Second Way:

Another straightforward method is to knock at the sides of your best bathtub. If your tub is flexible and bends, then it is either fiberglass or acrylic. If the tub is sturdy and non-flexible and does not bend, it is an enamel-coated steel tub. Generally, the knock at an acrylic tub will sound feeble while that on the enamelled tub will be strong.

Third Way:

You can even look at the surface of the tub and see if there are any scratches or chipping. Generally, fiberglass, as well as acrylic tubs, are prone to scratches as well as surface damage. Moreover, if you see chipping and rusting at the surface, then it may suggest that the tub is made of porcelain-coated steel or cast iron. The fading of the colour at the surface of a tub can ensure fiberglass or acrylic. You must look for these simple signs to know more about your bath tub.

Fourth Way:

You can even scrutinize the flooring under the tub so that you can know more about the material of the tub. Generally, more massive tubs like that of cast iron and porcelain will require a second flooring to accommodate the weight of the bathtub. Whereas if we look at acrylic or fiberglass, it’s lighter in weight and does not require a second flooring.


It is essential to know the material of your  quality bathtub so that it will become more comfortable for you to maintain and clean. Generally, a bathtub is prone to normal wear and tear like scratches, discolouring, rusting, etc. 

You can prevent all these damages if you know the material of your bathtub and the necessary means in which you can maintain it. Remember that there are various kinds of bathtubs, and each one is different from the other, and thus its maintenance is different too. For some bathtubs scrubbing may be an excellent way to clean the tub, and for other tubs, scrubbing may lead to scratches. 

It is not that difficult to maintain your style and design of the washroom if the significant thing there is neat and clean.

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